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Life can get so busy that season's pass by without there being any free time to spend on the fun and festive decorations. Holidays and parties can be memorable and exciting with family and friends. Yet they can be somewhat stressful and tiresome as well.


Why not have help?

By hiring a decorator you will eliminate the problem of finding the time and energy to get it all done...
and by doing so you will give yourself the time to do other more important things with family and friends.

Gina can decorate your space and create a 'festive' feel for any season or occasion that may be fast approaching. It's always more fun to have the spirit of the season around you as these special times come and go. Offering full service from installation to removal if desired.


Gina's organizing services are another resource to help you along
in the process of packing it all up and putting it all away.


SPRING Celebrations



Red Christmas Baubles


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