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What people are saying about Gina!


"Gina Burdette is the talent, brains, and powerhouse of Get It Organized. I was fortunate enough to have heard of Gina from another personal organizer whom I worked with years ago. I looked up Gina on, gave her a call, and my phone message was promptly returned. We discussed my overwhelming personal organizing needs and the massive amount of time and energy required to complete the project. Gina listened very carefully and although she already had a full schedule, decided to accept my request and work together with me. Every single day, every single thing that we did in my home was a necessity, and very long overdue. It resulted in a freedom, an orderliness, and beauty that I so needed to see again in my living space. I have found that day in and day out, Gina is an extremely hard worker, very skilled at bringing order from chaos, and has great vision to see what the end result will look like. She is very gentle and sensitive to the emotions that are associated with opening up your home and most vulnerable parts of your life. Gina has many other talents that she uses in support of your home/life enhancements such as interior design, color and space consultation, and feng shui considerations. I have found Gina Burdette to be an extraordinary person and wonderful asset to my life."

     ~ Fred Funk... Rohnert Park, CA


"Gina Burdette with Get It Organized has helped create a "lightness of being" in my home, and I love it. She has encouraged us to let go of our extra belongings, and has organized what's left. Our home has never before been so comfortable and welcoming."
~ Wendy Wood... Santa Rosa, CA

"Gina was so helpful in getting my home office area organized in a way that makes sense to me and helps me to keep it organized. She was not at all judgmental that it was pretty much a disaster zone, but rather praised some good things I had done and helped me take it from there. We discussed ways that would make sense to me and then we made it work. Our garage is small and the tool/workbench area also needed a makeover. Gina worked with me to find a more simple organization method that is easier to keep neat. My workbench may get cluttered in the middle of projects, but it's easier to get it back in order because of the various labeled bins. Plus, I can find what I need more easily when I'm in the middle of projects. I can highly recommend Gina."

     ~ Linda Freebairn... Santa Rosa, CA

"I have been working with Gina to get my apartment put together and functional again. We haven't even finished yet and I feel like it's already a new home and life is just easier."

     ~ Stephanie Roberts... Windsor, CA

"Gina has helped me on a few projects. Having her help me prepare for a move was the best. She also unpacked my kitchen and I was finally able to find things. She helped us with adding the right color on the walls to create a perfect environment in our home. It was a huge help having her organizing brain on site at all times. She is absolutely amazing, and I highly recommend her!"

     ~ Tracy Hall... Santa Rosa, CA

"Gina organized my pantry. She has an amazing way of looking at a space and seeing the most efficient way to organize the stuff inside it. It was almost like magic how she took my messy, chaotic pantry and turned it into an efficient, beautiful and well organized kitchen space. I love how easily I can see what I have and know exactly what I'm running low on. My kids love the convenience and accessibility of the cute snack drawers. Making their lunches in the morning is so quick and easy. Thank you, Gina for making this busy family's life run smoother!"

     ~ Summer Benn... Santa Rosa, CA

"An excellent organizer! Years of experience and fantastic at what she does. She can help you in so many ways to get things organized and beautiful. I highly recommend Gina!"

     ~ Sharon Plummer... Novato, CA

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