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Putting things in the right places for flow and functionality


Staging is the process of transforming a home into a product that can be marketed for sale and appeal to the broadest range of buyers in the real estate market... nothing more, nothing less. It is a valuable tool and the statistics show that in today's market and economy staging your house would help to sell it faster and for more money! The investment of staging in your property is less than a price reduction on your property.

Space planning is quite simply, the planning of your space. One of the more practical steps in professional design is creating a 'space plan'. Sometimes it can be difficult to efficiently and creatively make the most out of your living environment. Space planning organizes the space, furniture and functions so they work together and most effectively accommodate the needs of the environment.


Planning a layout before filling a room with furniture, rugs, plants, etc... is very important. When creating a plan you must take into consideration traffic flow, existing furniture and focal points. By planning ahead you create a more functional space that has flow and balance... as well as adding beauty and appeal to the area.

If you would like help creating the right flow and balance in your space contact Gina at Get It Organized.

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