Real Estate Staging...
Staging is the process of transforming a home into a product that can be marketed for sale and appeal to the broadest range of buyers in the real estate market... nothing more, nothing less. It is a valuable tool and the statistics show that in today's market and economy, staging your house would help to sell it faster and for more money! The investment of staging in your property, is less than a price reduction on your property.

I like to remind home owners and agents who are hesitant to invest in staging that they might consider how staging a home for sale, is like detailing a car. If you want to sell your car for top dollar you wouldn't think twice about giving it the best 'detail' possible. By doing so, you know that the car will show better to any potential buyer and increase your chances of selling it for more money. The same is with home staging. It's detailing your home to ensure that you will get top dollar from a potential buyer. 
Location is important and does affect the price of your property. However, home staging impacts price regardless of location!

ASP - Accredited Staging Professional
I am certified in real estate staging and have earned my ASP designation through the Staged Homes University. As an ASP stager and consultant I am trained in the practices, standards, policies and procedures and have the skills necessary to serve both the public and the real estate community in home staging.

Get it STAGED... Get it SOLD!