Space Planning

Space planning is quite simply, the planning of your space. One of the more practical steps in professional design is creating a 'space plan'. Sometimes it can be difficult to efficiently and creatively make the most out of your living environment. Space design is the development of a floor plan to support a client's lifestyle and spatial requirements. Planning a layout before filling a room with furniture, rugs, plants, etc... is very important. When creating a plan you must take into consideration traffic flow, existing furniture and focal points.

By planning ahead, you create a more functional space that has flow and balance... as well as adding beauty and appeal to the environment.
First, we decide the 'purpose' of the space because that will dictate how to furnish it. Then we find our focal point that gives the room definition. Now we can design a plan for furniture groupings, accessories, etc... while keeping in mind our key purpose and focal point of the room. Once the space design is complete we are able to start the ball  rolling!

Finally, with our planned design complete we will arrange the furniture creating the most desirable traffic patterns, utilizing every inch of space that we may need, and display your things with style!

Potential issues when space planning...
    ~ Limited size of the space
    ~ An oddly shaped room
    ~ Larger furnishings
    ~ No place for storage
    ~ Creating both function and purpose
    ~ Deciding on a focal point

My ASP (Accredited Staging Professional) certification and training through Staged Homes has given me the education, knowledge and skills needed to offer an expert eye for detail and the professional value you deserve. I am confident that together we will give your space the beauty and flow that you are looking for!

"We are changed... as we change our environment!"