Interior Decorating...
Your home is your castle. It should be a place filled with tranquility, charm and elegance. A place that showcases who you are and how you feel. A place that you want to spend your time in. You can create a comfortable atmosphere of peace and beauty using all types of decor. Whatever your palette desires... together we will transform your space into a beautiful and functional place that will express your personal tastes and styles. 

First, we will start out in the areas that need change.  You might be renovating a family home, relocating to a new space, dressing up a small business or just looking to modify a single room. We'll look for the likes and dislikes in the area requiring improvement or alteration. Next, we will establish your budget in order to properly prepare for the decorating modifications.
Then I'll take my notes and any necessary measurements.

We will discuss the layout, choose our color palette, as well as fabric selections and accessories if needed. Finally, pulling it all together to create a vision of balance and harmony with a lovely customized environment you so desire! There are basic principles to follow when decorating.  Through the training and education that I have received from the QC Design School I have a greater knowledge and understanding of how to apply those principles in order to deliver a beautiful design that works for you.

Potential design changes...
   ~ Fabric and Color Selections
   ~ Accessorizing
   ~ Window Treatments

   ~ Painting and Wall Coverings
   ~ Lighting
   ~ Flooring
   ~ Furniture Replacements
   ~ Custom Cabinetry
   ~ Tile work

I also offer seasonal decorating.  Please click on the link below to learn more about it!

"Your space is like a canvas... Let's create a work of art!"