John Deere wheeled Tool Organizer

This handy tool is GREAT for a person wanting to get organized!
It can be used out in the garden filled with your favorite garden tools, gloves and such as shown here in the picture to help keep everything close by as you plant flowers, pull weeds, etc... However, there are many other uses for this product as well.

Here are a few examples:
  • Use it for your crafts or scrap-booking supplies.
    Fill it full of all of your favorite scrapping papers, stamps, scissors, etc... Just wheel it out when ever you want to start getting creative and then fill it back up and wheel it back to it's storage place when you are finished. It's retractable handle makes it easy to store away in a closet, etc...
  • Use it for a business or home project.
    Keep all items pertaining to that particular project whether it be binders, books, envelopes and maybe some desk top supplies like a stapler, paper clips, rubber bands, stamps, etc... When you want to work on that project pull out your organizer and enjoy the convenience of having everything that you need right there by your side. Each side pouch is very strong and durable, you can store just about anything that will fit inside.
  • Make it your 'Family Tool Carry all Kit'.
    Keep a hammer, a basic screw driver set, level, stud finder as well as picture hanging supplies, and pens, pencils, a ruler, rubber bands, tape, a box knife cutter with spare blades, etc... you get the idea. Stick a small trash bin in the middle to use for either garbage or as a spare bin that is removable if needed. Once you have all of your basic supplies together in one place, anyone in the family will know right where to go to find things of that sort. Plus, the handle and wheels make it real easy for everyone to use.
  • Take a project with you.
    If you have a project that you are working on and wanted to take it with you but don't want to bag it all up for transportation, just use your wheeled organizer!

Look for your John Deere wheeled Tool Organizer at your local Target.

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